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WORTH: Our Wholesale diamonds yield 40% cost savings compared with jewelry store list price.

This is where the Diamond Windows registry provides you special access to a market previously blocked to the public. Diamond Windows registry acts as the main entryway for the general public to search the worldwide stock of available loose diamonds, and connects you to any source offered that is selling the diamond you are looking for. It could be as precise as trying to find an 8.42 carat, round cut G color VVS1 diamond, GIA certified with outstanding cut. So all those marketing and branding costs you’ve paid for included in the price of retail fashion jewelry, does not reveal once you leave the store. The only thing people see if the shape and size of the diamond on your jewelry, the quality of the jewelry design, and the huge smile on your face.

While our primary markets are UK, Ireland, US and Australian, people all over the world purchase our diamonds at a discount rate as we provide unique designs to our customers that can now afford to gift their loved ones a piece of bespoke jewelry that when was not inexpensive. The 4Cs of a diamond are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. Do your research and learn all you can about these 4 very important aspects. You will not be a professional in the 4Cs by doing a bit of homework, however it may very well supply you with sufficient knowledge to be able to spot a possible shady dealer or scammer.

We at Bob’s Watches are delighted to use our clients amazing access to wholesale diamond rates. In keeping with our mission to provide high-end items at the very best costs, we invite you to browse and go shopping listed below for the ideal diamond of your option and budget plan. We have actually established an unique state of the art diamond search function above to help Las Vegas loose diamonds you select the loose diamond that is right for you. Simply click and pick on the specs you want in each classification and the outcomes will change accordingly. You can unchoose and pick as lot of times as essential up until you discover the perfect stone. You will discover our wholesale diamond prices to be lower than Blue Nile, as well as other rivals.

We have a LARGE SELECTION of certified wholesale loose diamonds in Dallas, which include GIA, AGS, and EGL U.S.A accreditation. We bring all shapes of wholesale loose diamonds consisting of round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, glowing cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds and many more elegant shaped diamonds. We bring all quality and kinds of diamonds including white diamonds, expensive yellow diamonds, black diamonds, and chocolate diamonds. We pride ourselves in supplying wholesale diamonds and wholesale engagement rings in Dallas.

Since no other attribute has a greater influence on a diamond’s look, Bob’s Watches recommends picking the greatest cut grade within your spending plan. When a diamond is cut appropriately, light filters through the top of the diamond, or exactly what gemologists describe as the table. This is why the cut is so vital; it is an objective method to determine the diamond’s light performance, or exactly what most of us consider its shimmer. Loose diamonds that are improperly cut do not radiate. Their light will escape out of the bottom; cut too deep and the sparkle will leakage out of the sides if they are cut too shallow.

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